Pelikan M605 White Transparent Special Edition

Pelikan M605 White Transparent Special Edition

It has arrived, Pelikan pen number 58 for the collection - the M600 sized Special Edition for 2017, the very descriptive M605 White Transparent.


It is white rather than ivory which you may have thought the case if you looked at some of the marketing images. The trim is actually rhodium plated and the silver look does work well with the white and clear striated body. The plastic plunger mechanism is white as well to blend with the rest of the pen.

Do I like this pen? I do, it does appeal to me mainly in its stripped back, minimal look. The transparent nature of this pen will really allow an ink's colour to show when it is sloshing around in the reservoir . I have rated it the highest in my database as I only want 'safe' inks to be used with this pen.

A full rhodium plated 14K gold fine nib, smooth and wet out of the box, consequently writes a little wider than it should.


Interest packaging, the corset look, first seen for the 2015 M600 Pink  - this time they changed out the pink ribbon for silver.


With my two other white capped M600 pens - M600 Tortoiseshell White SE and M600 Pink SE.

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