Hi I'm David,


This is my fourth attempt at an analogue tools website. The ghosts of my previous three attempts still echo through the internet.

For those curious they were JUSTDAVEYB.ME, JUSTPELIKANS.COM, and NIBAND.INK.

Why make a fourth attempt?

Some will say I am doing it to just troll Brad Dowdy to get yet another mentioned on his Pen Addict podcast, (Update: I did get a fourth plug!!) but no, while my presence on Twitter and Instagram are great outlets I have really missed having my own spot on the internet.

What are you likely to find here?

  • Certainly images and writing samples of my pen, nib and ink combinations as they pass through my rotation. (NB: All writing samples here will be on Tomoe River paper unless otherwise noted)
  • Images of my latest purchases. I am truely a compulsive collector of fountain pens and inks.
  • Some technology, I am not just an analogue tools guy, I have had computers for longer than I care to admit - put it this way - my first computer was an Apple IIe.
  • My dog Zac, a Salt & Pepper Miniature Schnauzer.
  • General photography of my world in Brisbane, Australia - yes I live in the future timezone-wise :)

Update 29/09/2016 - Yes I changed the name of my site again - Since I mainly focus on the pens and most of my pens are now Pelikans it only seemed fitting that I be TooManyPelikans.com

TooManyInks.com will continue to redirect here.